Our emphasis is to provide all necessary assistance to the economically struggling Tamil students in the North & East. We provide guidance & moral support to underperforming students via mentorship programs and provide incentives to teachers to educate the children in rural areas.


Our objective is to help the war widows and the disabled gain employment to support their families. We provide them the necessary guidance & training to learn new skills so that they could prepare themselves to enter the labor market.


Our focus is to empower women to obtain the skills for self- employment. We help them identify opportunities for new ventures based on consumer needs and provide the necessary guidance to start and sustain a successful business.

Emergency Relief

Our aim is to Provide immediate disaster relief to the helpless people living in rural villages in the North & East. We provide immediate relief with essential items & continue to assist these families with post disaster relief in order to attain normalcy.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Volunteers and Well Wishers.  The Holiday season is approaching soon and many of you will be shopping online for your purchases. We would like to remind you that you can help NOW-WOW by signing up with Amazon.  Amazon had agreed to donate  .5% of all eligible purchases to your favorite charity.  Please sign-up with Amazon using the following link while conducting all your Christmas shopping. You will be helping put a Smile on the faces of the needy people back home by Shopping at Amazon Smile. We thank you for your generous support.

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Our Mission.

As set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, the New Opportunities for Wounded, Widows and Orphans of War (NOW-WOW) shall, inter alia, conceive, study, investigate, formulate and implement programs and projects for one or more of the charitable activities

Shop at Amazon Smile to support our cause

Shop at Amazon Smile to support our cause

How can you help?

Your on-line or mail-in donation can provide a war affected individual or family with opportunity and hope to improve their lives.

Volunteer your time and skills to NOW-WOW charitable activities.  We often need help with fundraising, project planning, coordination and execution, project monitoring and following up with recipients on their progress, working with local partners, social media and communication, updating donors with status, etc. Please email us if you are interested.

There are lot of young Tamils who need your help. Money alone cannot be of help in certain cases. Help the ones suffering from post war syndrome and depression.

Shop at Amazon Smile to support our cause.