Past Projects

University scholarship award

  • This project has been operational since 2016.
  • University students who are unable to pursue higher education due to their financial situation receive the scholarship award.
  • 57 beneficiaries received the scholarship in 2019.

Leaders For Tomorrow

  • 40 G.C.E (A/L) students were selected from Kilinochchi and Mullaithivu districts.
  • They are given a monthly scholarship of 2,500 to 3,000 rupees.
  • Three days residential leadership training is given every three months.
  • We provide them with educational supplies at the beginning of each school year.

5th grade scholarship Paduvaankarai Residential Program

  • 48 students were selected from 15 schools.
  • The children in this area are likelier to work starting from a young age instead of going to school.
  • We brought the children in, fed them and taught them.
  • We were able to make them to stay in school.
  • Unfortunately, we had to put the project on hold after the Easter bombing due to the children’s safety concerns in the area.

5th grade scholarship in Koralaippattu

  • students were selected from eight underprivileged villages.
  • Again, we supplied food and tutorials.
  • The program encouraged parent, teacher and student participation.
  • 90.84% of the students passed the competency level.

5th grade scholarship preparation in North

  • With the support from NOW WOW, Kanahambihai Kulam G.T.M.S and Mullivaikkaal East G.T.M.S conducted additional classes for students who sat for the Grade 5 scholarship examination.
  • This is also a feed and teach program. 80% and 90.9% of the students from the two areas passed the exam, respectively.

Eluthumadduvaal Education Center

  • NOW WOW supported the teachers’ salaries who teach the students.
  • 100% of the students who sat for the exam passed.

Santhiveli Math Camp

  • students from 11 schools in Batticoloa district were selected.
  • These students initially scored less than 30 marks on their second term math exam.
  • The math camp was held for 4 days with 18 resource teachers.
  • It worked to eliminate the fear of math and gave them confidence.

Bicycle Donation to Vipulanada Homes

  • Pazhuhaamam is one of the most talked about towns in the history of the struggle in the East.
  • The children who live in the Vipulananthar homes lost their parents during the war.
  • 10th grade student walk 18km to attend tuition classes.
  • We provided bicycle for them.

Help for Special Needs Children

  • We supported 30 special needs children from Poongary, Mulankavil and Mudkompan.
  • It was a 2-year program.
  • As per our direction, three parent-run help groups were formed in order to facilitate special needs education and help obtain government support for their children.
  • The children have shown positive changes in their growth.

Transportation Assistance

  • The transportation to Veeranagar G.T.M.S and Vadamunai school is a big problem.
  • It is located near Polanaruva district. The teachers have to travel through a jungle path for 18km to school.
  • Specially, it is more difficult to the female teachers.
  • As we arranged the three wheeler service, it was confirmed that teachers are coming to school.


  • This project was started to empower families headed by women.
  • They are formed into small groups and they are trained to produce multiple products.
  • They share the profits from the sale of the products.
  • There are 14 such small groups operating in Kilinochchi, Mullaithivu and Koralaippattu.
  • They make a variety of products depending on seasonal needs

Individual Helps

  • This project usually includes families headed by women and people with disabilities.
  • It can be a livelihood project or it can be educational help.

Integrated farm

  • The farm is located in Devipuram, Mullaithevu. Eight permanent people and 18 temporary people earn their livelihood from the farm.
  • They are families headed by women and persons with disabilities.
  • Cows, goats, pigs, poultry and agriculture can be found at the farm.
  • Lack of water is an ongoing, uncontrollable problem. Therefore, we change the operations of the farm periodically, depending on the weather.

Emergency relief

  • Since December 2019, people in the Northeast have been hit by heavy rainfalls.
  • The lack of a proper drainage system in the war-torn area has made the situation worse.
  • NOW WOW officers and volunteers were on the scene and helped many people physically.
  • We distributed 132 mosquito nets to the village of Kandavala and 100 nets in the East.